Self Hypnosis...

Is it possible to hypnotize yourself?

Yes, definitely

It may sound complicated or impossible to those who have never tried but it is in fact a simple learned routine conducted under hypnosis and remembered by the subconscious mind in readiness for use

Once learned, the therapist will make sure you have understood and retained the knowledge and watch whilst you perform self hypnosis

Will I be able to emerge from the Self Hypnosis?

Of course You will be given a simple word or phrase to do this It is though impossible to get stuck in a self induced hypnotic

As a matter of fact, all hypnosis is really self hypnosis. Even if it's a therapist who talks and leads you, it is still you who accomplishes the hypnotic condition. A person who has been led by a live therapist or a CD/tape can with the knowledge do knowledge do it themselves by just using their own mind.

How will self hypnosis help?

By allowing you to use a relaxation technique that will provide you with a deep level of calm and peace

Your mind will also be open to self suggestions which can help to reduce of remove negative behaviour patterns

It can be used together with Guided Meditation to improve and enhance your inner journey to your chosen place of tranquility

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